About Me


After achieving my Bachelors of Science in Communications Disorders from USD I decided to follow my parentโ€™s legacy and pursue my dream of Realestate. With 4 awards in Quality Service & Top 10 under 40 of Siouxland, this country gal promises to give you a 121% or an easy and stress free buying and selling process!


American Blue Cattle


Our acreage is nestled in the heart of northwest Iowa where we raise American Blue Cattle, also known as, Belgian Blue Cattle. My husband, Tyler, and I are passionate about rare breed cattle as it has been in my blood for years. Showing American Blues all around the USA since the age of 3, they have now earned a special place in my heart. Their mutated gene allows all the protein they consume turn into muscle rather than fat. In return, this makes the meat extremely lean.

With its high protein and low cholesterol genetic makeup, the meat results are tender. A cross-section of American Blue meat will contain more and shorter muscle fibers than traditional beef. This significantly contributes to meat tenderness. Since there is minimal fat content, American Blue beef has greater moisture content. These two items together help establish a base for an exceptionally flavorful product.


Blue Jeans & Bonfires

The heart of the Midwest is full of down to earth, hard working people. When I have a few minutes of free time you can find me in the isle of Hobby Lobby, perched on a log next to a bonfire, or teaching my son how to ride his horse. Although my full ride rodeo scholarship to college in Cheyenne, WY was cut short; I have been blessed to use my passion for horses to educated and help others.